It is objective to ensure that all our guests enjoy their stat at La Nube. For your own comfort and safety, please kindly follow our policies as below

Check in, Check out Time

All guest are required to provide a valid government – issued ID or passport with valid visa upon check-in.

Our check in time is 14:00 hrs. Any early check in request is not guaranteed and subject to availability and additional charge may apply.

Out check out time is 12:00 hrs. Additional 50% of the room charge will be applied for late check out until 18:00 hrs. An additional full charge will be applied for late check out after 18:00 hrs onward.

Regulations during your stay

  1. La Nube is a non-smoking homestay. Smoking is only allowed in the designated areas.
  2. La Nube does not allow pets in the area.
  3. All visitors must register their visit at La Nube Front Desk before entering any guest room.
  4. Cooking in hallway is not allowed
  5. We are pleased to serve all guests during the outlet’s operation hours with proper dress Code (swimwear must be covered).
  6. We are pleased to keep your luggage before your arrival or after your departure. However, it is subject to the storage’s availability and only in certain period of time.
  7. Guests are kindly reminded to lock the door whenever going out or after entering the room. For the convenience, guests are provided the electronic safety box in room to keep any valuable items.
  8. Prostitution, gambling, betting under any forms is strictly prohibited during your stay in the resort.
  9. Please maintain material and equipment in the room in order to avoid damage, breakage, tearing or burning. In case of damage, compensation for the equivalent value will be charge.
  10. Excessive noise, loud voices, music, is not permitted. Noise is considered excessive when other guests of the hotel are disturbed or annoyed.

Forbidden regulations

  1. Using illegal drugs such as stimulants, narcotics or addictive drugs are strictly prohibited at La Nube.
  2. All incoming package which are sent from outside must and will be inspected for security purpose. Carrying weapons, poisons, explosives or flammable into La Nube is strictly forbidden.
  3. Any noise complaints, misuse of room functioning and facilities, or illegal activities will result in eviction from the residence, without refund.

Pool Regulations

  1. La Nube swimming pool opens from 7:00 – 20:00
  2. Persons with health problems should not swim without prior consultation from their doctor.
  3. All persons are requested to take shower before using swimming pool
    Diving and running are not permitted
  4. Swimming outside pool operation hours is at your own risk
  5. Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult
  6. Food and beverages from outside the hotel are not allowed in pool and garden area
  7. Reservation of sun lounges is not permitted
  8. Entering into swimming pool wearing shoes or inadequate dress are not allowed
  9. No pets is allowed in swimming pool area